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Version 9.1.606
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Trigger v9.1.606

Trigger v9.1.606

We are still working on Trigger ! There will be an update soon. Lollipop + mobile data users and Mobile Hotspot are * not * work. Google has made breaking changes in Lollipop + and those will not work , even with root access. We are looking at that time.
In your car: use Bluetooth as a trigger to open the GPS and launch your favorite music application
+ Change the volume or sound notifications.
+ Consult social media like Foursquare or Google Places
+ Send messages using Twitter , SMS , e + mail or Glympse
+ Set alarms or create calendar events

For More Info Google Play

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Supported Android

Varies with device

Download Trigger 9.1.606 APK For Android


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Trigger Pro v9.2.606.apk

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What new in version: 9.1.606!

Moto 360 support. Support for new lock screen plugin. UI updates and bug fixes .

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